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Online Yoga Classes – The YogaShape Method

by Cathy Carter

We are streaming The YogaShape Method classes from our home yoga studio to yours. Sam Grout the Founder of Yoga Fun Day is also the Founder of The YogaShape Method.  This free yoga class is a great beginner yoga class and you can find this yoga on the net class at http://www.facebook.com/yogashapemethod


The YogaShape Method  practice is a classical Hatha Yoga class that helps encourage proper breathing, flexibility, strength and vitality in the body while calming the mind. This class is broken into four sections. Mountain One starts with a warm-up focusing on core and glutes. Next we go into Sun Salutations and then the class goes into Mountain Two with yoga poses for the beginner, intermediate and advanced variations are offered and finally into Mountain Three where we do our deepest stretches and yoga poses and end with a final relaxation.


Sam Grout is the Founder of Yoga Fun Day and Founder of The YogaShape Method. Sam is an  International Yoga Teacher, Licensed Clinical Aesthetician, Meditation Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, speaker and techie. Sam’s visionary leadership is to bring yoga to all, bring yoga to the masses through fun yoga festivals and yoga events across the country.

Sam  is dedicated to helping others reach optimal health with a holistic approach through the teachings of yoga, meditation, and finding your best self. Sam believes yoga is a transformational healing practice that helps transform your mind, body and soul. Sam believes that The YogaShape Method is truly the fountain of youth.

Sam specializes in the teachings of the YogShape Method. YogaShape  is a classical style of Hatha Power Yoga that helps encourage proper breathing, flexibility, strength, and vitality in the body while calming the mind with the Lotte Berke Method of Pilates infused into the class for an overall amazing workout. The philosophy of the YogaShape Method  teaches proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet, positive thinking, and meditation.  We want you think big, live your best life and step into your greatness. Once you have connected with your mind, body and soul you can achieve greatness.

Sam Grout