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Apply To Teach At Yoga Fun Day the Premiere Yoga Festival in Florida

We Are Now Accepting Applications To Teach for Yoga Fun Day Miami.



Yoga Fun Day 

Get more exposure for your yoga studio, yoga retreats and your yoga classes by teaching at the Premiere Yoga Festival in South Florida.




  • Face Yoga
  • Buti Yogi
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Aerial Yoga
  • Trapeze Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Kids Yoga
  • Sound Bowl Healing
  • Laughter Yoga

Do you want to teach at the Premiere Yoga, Wellness and Plant Based Food Festival in South Florida?  Our  yoga festivals are one  to three day epic events attracting crowds up to 3,000 attendees. Our Vendor Village is FREE and open to the public, we have a Kids Zone, Fun Zone, Spa Zone, Kirtan Bands music, food and more. During the day we have numerous classes and workshops in all modalities of yoga, dance, meditation, flow arts and more.  If you would like the opportunity to teach at one our events or yoga festivals please apply now!

We are accepting applications for teaching at Yoga Fun Day Miami which will be held at The Village at Gulfstream.  Our event  is the premiere yoga festival in Florida.  If you are selected to teach we will notify you, one thing we ask is that once you are selected to teach that you create a link on your website that links back to the Premiere Yoga Festival in Florida by adding an events page, or find me teaching or friends page.  We are looking for unique classes and have a lot of Vinyasa Flow classes already submitted.  Thus, if you can mix it up please submit a different style of class other than Vinyasa.  If you want to have a booth or be an exhibitor or sponsor at our event then please coordinate with the Yoga Fun Day Team as booths for teachers are highly discounted.  Please note, the booth can only be for you and your business/studio/classes/retreats etc… and not shared with another business.

We created this simple checklist for you to be able to apply easily to volunteer teach at Yoga Fun Day the Premiere Yoga Festival in Florida.

1. Fill out the Yoga Fun Day Teacher Registration Application Form and Agreement with all of your contact info including current mailing address, best phone number to reach, social media information, description of your classes/workshops, your full biography, etc…   Once your application is reviewed and accepted then we will be in touch with more information.  We get a lot of applications to volunteer teach at Yoga Fun Day.  We encourage you to apply early to teach.

2.  Include what classes you are teaching the names of the classes, short description and best times for teaching. Most instructors teach two classes or a class and a workshop.  We are not accepting any more Vinyasa Flow classes.  All classes and workshops are 60 minutes.  We will do our best to fit you in the time requested to teach but can not guarantee you that spot. The most up to date schedule will be posted on our website. Due to last minute changes we might have to switch the room you were scheduled to teach in for that day.  Please always check the online schedule for the most up to date schedule for our events and tell your students to look online as well for the most up to date information.

3. Email 1-3 high resolution photos to Ramona at ramona@yogafunday.com that we can use for your biography on our website.

4. As a teacher at Yoga Fun Day we give you a limited number of FREE tickets that you can sell or give away. $250+ Value.  You must redeem your tickets one week before the event for your friends and family. No exceptions. You can not share your tickets with another teacher or get more. Sorry no exceptions.

5.  Opportunity to have a booth at Yoga Fun Day at a huge discount. If you want to reserve a booth then you must fill out a contract. We will not promote your booth until we have the full payment for your booth. Sorry you can’t share this booth. No refunds on booths.

6. Once accepted to teach we expect you to promote the event, link to our sites, connect with us on social media and it is mandatory that you wear your Yoga Fun Day shirt while at the festival teaching.  No exceptions.

7.  Please make sure that you can block off at least three hours on your calendar for your teaching engagement as we require you to be on site for THREE HOURS.  We need you on site at least one hour before your class, during your class and we require that you stay at least one hour after your class to help with the next set of classes.  If you can not commit to three hours please do not apply to teach as this is a mandatory requirement as it helps our operations flow smoothly so everyone has a great experience.



Think big, love, and success,

Sam & Ramona

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