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Courtney Quinto Yoga Teacher

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Courtney Quinto Yoga Teacher hails from Silicon Valley, working as a Program Manager for a little company named after a fruit. She was born and raised within the chaos of tech, as both her parents worked in in the same industry. One might say, it was in her blood to continue the lineage. She currently resides just over the hill from Silicon Valley in Santa Cruz, where she breathes new life into her soul, and her practice through immersions in outdoor environments.

Courtney found yoga seven years ago, and was immediately drawn to it’s fundamental practices. She quickly adapted to the various teachings of yoga, selecting power flow vinyassa as her favorite. Outside yoga Courtney is a distance runner, having completed several trail half marathons, as well as her first full marathon in summer of 2017. With a foundation in yoga, she is able to calm her mind in times of distress in distance running, as well as center herself in the isolation of distance trail running.

In addition to the benefit of trail running, Courtney found that yoga enhanced her everyday work life in tech. She was not only able to ground herself in the craziness of the tech world, but use yoga, and meditation, as a means of soul searching during the somewhat bleak time in her life in which she made a enormous career jump in tech.

While this journey continues, she feels blessed to have the stability of a yoga practice as a guide. Each day she commits herself to her midday practice, she returns to her desk refreshed, and ready to conquer the remainder of the day.

Her love of the practice has allowed her to continue to grow in many aspects of her life, including pursuing her 200 YTT program set to begin in Autumn 2017.

Upon completion, she plans to bring the joy of practice to the youth of the world, catering her teaching to young children whom are often forgotten in the yoga practice, as well as their parents who have a difficult time finding a studio to accommodate these young
students. In addition to young children, Courtney plans to offer teachings to disadvantaged women, and youth, in an effort to provide light in a time of uncertainty.