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Diane Feen Yoga Teacher

Lifestyle Blogger
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yoga teacher yoga fun day yoga festival south Florida


Lifestyle Blogger
Diane Feen Yoga Teacher Feen is a South Florida based writer, editor and columnist with an eye for news and a heart for the divine. She writes for newspapers, magazines and websites with the motivation to uplift, entertain and inform readers.
Diane’s Award- winning humor column, “Feen on the Scene” is known for its witty wisdom and quirky cues on everyday life. She has appeared on TV talk shows and radio programs to discuss fashion, pop culture and the mysteries of the heart.
Diane has a BA in communication from The University of Michigan and a Masters’ degree in Psychology from Wayne State. She was a fashion consultant, trend analyst, publicist and Adjunct College Professor in New York and Boca Raton.
Diane also writes restaurant reviews and commentaries on the saintly and the insane for local newspapers and magazines.
“Words are the palette of life – they can color your world with graciousness or grandiosity or the humbleness of humanity. Either way, words are joy to the soul if used with the right intention.”
Diane has written about Yoga, Spirituality, Meditation, Spas and Religion. That is why she is thrilled to contribute to Yoga Fun Day’s Blog and Mission to bring Yoga to all.