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Sam Grout

CEO & Founder
Florida Yoga Festival | YogaShape Method with Sam Grout
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Sam Grout is the CEO and Founder of Yoga Fun Day and offers online yoga classes  and yoga classes on the internet via the YogaShape Method which is  an athletic fitness yoga to make you sweat.  You might even catch her teaching a local community free class in the Florida Keys.   Sam is also the Founder of The  S.M.A.R.T   System via her online yoga and fitness studio.   Sam has over 20 years of experience teaching yoga classes in California, Vermont, Florida, Washington State and Massachusetts.  Her mission is to get people to get off the computer, unplug and unwind for a day and to connect with nature and to help build strong communities. We want people of all ages and abilities to discover the joy of yoga, movement and dance. We want people to move their bodies and discover healthy living in a fun and safe environment. Yoga Fun Day is for all ages and for all abilities.


Fitness and Yoga are a passion of mine and I have a unique dichotomy of tech and wellness.  I have blended technology with my passion for Yoga and the Outdoors and am on a mission to bring yoga to all. I will be offering all inclusive luxury pamper me yoga and hiking retreats soon.  More info TBA.


As a student at the University of Vermont.  Sam was certified as an AFAA group fitness instructor and started teaching fitness classes in the Burlington, Vermont area. After graduating from UVM with a Bachelor of Science and MBA Samantha turned down General Electric FMP program and  worked as a self taught Web Designer for VTWEB and Hemming’s Motor News as a Web Designer  and worked in hospitality at the prestigious Equinox Resort & Spa, A ROCK RESORT, and leading spa of the world where she worked all over the four star resort and taught fitness classes at The Equinox and in the surrounding area.

Sam loved snowboarding, kickboxing, Kabox, skiing, mountain biking, snowmobiling and West African dance and somehow from all of these activities she  injured her low back. It was so painful that she couldn’t even get out of bed without crawling on all fours with shooting pain radiating in her low back. Determined to get better and resume her active lifestyle she ordered a VHS tape on “Yoga for Back Care” by Rodney Yee.  After a few short workouts Sam’s back pain disappeared and she was hooked for life on Yoga as nothing else had worked. She immediately got certified in Yoga. Thus, a lifelong journey with Yoga and YogaShape was born and the mindset and mantra that, “It isn’t Yoga it is Life.”

Not only is YogaShape designed for healing low back pain it also was created because Sam noticed that all of her clients needed to stretch more, wanted to be more flexible, and they really wanted a good workout that targeted problem areas on the body.

Sam then moved to Northern Vermont where she opened up her own Inn and Spa with a yoga and fitness studio.  Thus, in 2001 YogaShape was officially launched in her studio in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Here she continued teaching and refining the YogaShape Method that combined her love of yoga, pilates, strength training, and dance that would allow her to pursue her active lifestyle and love of the outdoors.

Sam’s Inn and Spa was featured in Yankee Magazine’s Editor’s Choice section and YogaShape was featured in Yoga Journal.  Sam also ran, “Pamper Me Luxury Weekends” and “Outdoor Women’s Retreats” in her Northern Vermont Inn and Spa  combining Yoga and Hiking, Yoga and Fly Fishing and Body & Soul Pamper Me Retreats for women.

After years of being in the cold and forty below winters way up near the Canadian border Sam tossed her snow shovel and sold her snow blower and moved to sunny San Diego, CA where she was hired as the Spa Director at  the Famous Hotel Del Coronado. Samantha oversaw the day-to-day operations of the spa and helped plan the brand new 22,00 sqft spa which is a Leading Spa of the World.

After the Del, Sam continued on her journey and was a Medical Spa Director for one of Boston’s most progressive Dermatology and MOHS Surgery Centers and Cosmetic Spas as well as worked on the Senior Leadership team at Stratton Mountain Resort as a Human Resources Manager.  She then transitioned back into technology and has worked at Microsoft in Seattle and spent a lot of time in Silicon Valley. She finally came back full circle and worked finally at General Electric building railroad software  and worked for several high tech startups in Silicon Valley as well as was a co-founder of a startup in San Francisco. Sam Grout is very active in the open source community and currently is the co-organizer of several big data and tech Meetups in Miami where she is currently an Engagement Manager at a large tech company.  She is also on the MariaDB foundation and has a passion for open source and promoting women in STEM.    No matter where Sam landed she was always teaching the YogaShape Method wherever she lived and traveled as her vision has always been to bring Yoga To All. That is why she created Yoga Fun Day. Sam is on a mission to get people to get off the computer, get off the green screen, shut down the phones and come on out for a day of yoga, fitness, dance and movement in outdoor settings.

Sam is also a licensed medical aesthetician, a licensed massage therapist, and a certified yoga and group fitness instructor.  Sam has experience as an instructor teaching Advanced Aesthetics and managed and ran her own boutique spa, inn, retreat center, and yoga/fitness studio.


Sam works at one of the biggest technology companies in the world and is on a mission to get her co-workers to improve their emotional intelligence and try yoga. Sam has yet again blended technology and wellness and she speaks across the country and at tech conferences on Emotional Intelligence. “Legendary Emotional Intelligence, 6 Tips You Can Implement Right Now.” Sam has over 20 years of experience teaching yoga, meditation and more.   Sam is a dynamic speaker and has spoke at New England Spa Association as well as International Spa Association seminars and conferences, Yoga Fun Day, The Silicon Valley MySQL Users Group, The San Francisco MariaDB  Users Group, Miami Snowflake Meetup Group, MariaDB Day, YogaFest, Amazon, GE, WorldFuel and Geekle. Sam has also been featured in Yoga Journal for her women’s retreats featuring life coaching, yoga, fly fishing, and pamper-me spa weekends and will be offering yoga and hiking retreats in Vermont and the Florida Keys in  2022.   She helps people discover their EI and teaches easy tips that you can implement right now in your life.  Sam is available for speaking engagements on Legendary Customer Service, Emotional Intelligence, Mediation and more.

Sam is available for speaking engagements, training sessions,  and one day or multi day retreats at your company.  We can also plan an entire Yoga Fun Day for your company with our vast network of amazing teachers and speakers around the world.  Please reach out for more info.

Don’t miss this chance  take a YogaShape class from Sam at Yoga Fun Day Miami or hear her speak on Emotional Intelligence.

Please join us at a Yoga Fun Day Miami on Sunday, Dec 12th 2021.  Come on out and experience an epic family friendly festival connecting the community, promoting the arts, spirituality and mindful living.


Sam Grout