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Instructor Showcase Sam Grout is the CEO and Founder of Yoga Fun Day. Sam has over 18 years of experience teaching yoga classes in California, Vermont, Florida, Washington State and Massachusetts. Her mission is to get people to get off the computer, unplug and unwind for a day and to connect with nature. We want people of all ages and abilities to discover the joy of yoga, movement and dance. and discover healthy living. Sam moved to Florida from California and is originally from the State of Vermont and a graduate of the University of Vermont School of Natural Resources with a Bachelor of Science and MBA.

Sam is the CEO and Founder of Yoga Fun Day. Sam has over 18 years of experience teaching yoga in Silicon Valley, Seattle, San Diego, Boston, Miami, Delray Beach and Melbourne. She is a woman in tech, loves technology and has experience as a Project Manager and Scrum Master implementing agile concepts. She has experience at SpringbokSQL and AccelerationDB both startups in the database industry as well as Walmart Labs and Microsoft. She was the Co-Organizer of the Silicon Valley MySQL Meetup, San Francisco MariaDB Meetup as well as the Miami MySQL Meetup and is a member of the MariaDB Foundation promoting open source. Sam currently is a Project Manager and Scrum Master at GE. She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and Paramedical Aesthetician ran her own Yoga Studio and was a co-owner of The Avalon Inn and Spa in Northern Vermont. Sam’s unique Outdoor Women’s retreats promoting Fly Fishing and Yoga as well as Kayaking Hiking and Yoga were featured in “Yoga Journal” and in her Inn and Spa were awarded the prestigious title of Yankee Magazine Editor’s Choice in the first year of operation. Sam is on a mission and ready to bring Yoga to all.


Sam found that most of her yoga students, friends and co-workers had low back pain, neck pain, high blood pressure and most were overweight. She discovered that her students had stress from being hunched over on their computers, sitting in traffic, and being slumped over their desks and couches too much that she has made it her mission to get people to try yoga, get fit, and have fun. Time to trade the green screen for the mat and the great outdoors.
“I was shocked at how many injuries I saw while teaching Yoga. I decided that I wanted to inspire others to get out of their cube, unplug, and move their bodies.”
According to the Harvard Business Journal, “Worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980. Heart disease has become the leading cause of death worldwide.” These numbers are not acceptable to me. I want to bring yoga to all, bring it to the masses and get people out, show them a fun time, and help them get fit. Thus, Yoga Fun Day was created. A day for all ages and all abilities to come on out and try yoga in a safe and fun environment.


Sam has experience running women’s retreats, outdoor all-inclusive pamper me weekends and was featured in Yoga Journal for her women’s retreats featuring yoga and hiking as well as yoga and fly fishing. Sam is an outdoor adventure seeker and believes that we need less screen time, less concrete and more time hiking, paddling, skiing and nourishing our mind, body and soul with yoga. Sam strives to help others find more balance and discover mindful living.
When not planning Yoga Fun Day’s, Yoga Fun Run’s, SCUBA diving, doing yoga, West African Dancing, paddling, skiing or searching for antiques Sam enjoys spending time with her doggies.
Sam is also holding all-inclusive pamper me women’s yoga retreats in Vermont and South Florida. Thus, if you love Yoga Fun Day why not spend a weekend with Sam?

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