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Adriana Anzola Yoga Teacher

A Total Wellness Coach and Community Director
Adriana Anzola Yoga Teacher yoga fun day yoga festival south Florida yoga events
Adriana Anzola Yoga Teacher yoga fun day yoga festival south Florida yoga events


A Total Wellness Coach and Founder of Community Conscious Coalition
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Adriana Anzola Yoga Teacher is a Community Evangelist and Brand Ambassador  promoting Yoga Fun Day.  She is on a mission to build strong communities and foster a since of spirit and conscious communities.   Adriana’s lives, breathes and promotes a life of: A Total Wellness.  Finding Our Own homeostasis and living there, in joy, balancing body, spirit and mind.

Hello beautiful universe and all energy beings in it.  I acknowledge, see and appreciate the light that is you.  I was born in the beautiful country of Colombia S.A.  My beautiful mother raised us to live naturally with a big loving heart. I have spent my life raising two beautiful, balanced children, while expanding my knowledge in Total Wellness. Now that my kids are grown, young adults, I am dedicated to continuing to learn and sharing what I know, with as many people as I can. I am on a path, a journey, that will continue through the rest of my time in this body.

I feel great pleasure and joy in assisting others re-find their own, true balance, homeostasis and live there, in Joy. Balancing Body, Spirit and Mind; as the all three interconnects in harmony I like working with all, individuals, groups, corporations, adults and kids on educating and creating a specific individual plan that is true to who they are and what they like. If and as needed, personal guidance to implement the daily individual plan until it, organically, is part of daily life. In my many years in executive, corporate America, I have seen the imbalance that exists within the system. I enjoy doing workshops and working with corporate America in balancing personnel to a joyous work atmosphere within the individual. My goal here is to focus on building strong communities.  I want to share, educate, and consult.