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Faye Perelis Yoga Teacher

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SAM TALK: Topic is Pause, Reset, Continue
CLASS: Yin/Meditation class


Hello I’m Faye Perelis Yoga Teacher – life coach, yogi, meditation expert, personal trainer and mother whose mission is for you to create a balanced and fulfilled life. Imagine not having to struggle through life and allow things to flow naturally. I help you find ease and grace instead of feeling anxious which prevents you from moving forward in life. You are meant to be free in your life without feeling wound up and tense. What if you went through your daily life feeling free in your mind, your body and your spirit and learned to embrace the challenges that will always come your way? In my 15+ years in the wellness industry as a trainer, yoga teacher, mindfulness and life coach, I have worked with men and women and have taught them how to find ease and freedom in their minds and bodies. I believe in giving you tools and resources to learn how to make these practices a part of your daily routine. By living these practices you will begin living your best life. Overcoming feeling trapped in a life where I thought there was no way out, pain in my mind and my body became a normal routine. When I learned to recognize where my pain came from and that I did not need to hold onto it was when I created the F.A.Y.E. Lifestyle System which stands for Fitness Awareness Yoga and Excellence. These pillars have created balance and transformation in my life and will in your life as well. No matter where you are in your life and what your circumstances may be, you have the power to make a choice to feel at ease and happy! My commitment is to help you achieve your goals of health and happiness so that you can live your life with energy, passion, commitment, dedication and love. Certifications: NFPT -National Federation of Personal Trainers, 500-hr RYT-Registered Yoga Teacher, Yin yoga, Restorative Yoga, Group Fitness certifications in many modalities of fitness