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Isabelle Diaz Yoga Teacher

Ayurveda Specialist & Yoga Teacher

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About Isabelle Diaz Yoga Teacher

My name is Isabelle Diaz Yoga Teacher, At a young age I struggled learning my emotions wither it be discussing them or dealing with them, having been exposed to numerous traumas at a young age, growing up in a military lifestyle with no room for error. With health problems leaving me scared not knowing the future I began a yoga teacher training not to teach but to grow inside & out to heal from trauma along the way the passion grew to a level of concern for others who struggled as I have.

I began to attend studios not seeing a lot of black teachers, I began to want to teach to my community any & everyone who would listen. I started school for Yoga therapy to help those who were like me who didn’t see a way out, I work at a behavioral health center to share my coping methods/skills. I dream of helping other minorities heal from trauma & pain using Ayurveda Yoga.