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Evan Fischer

Well Qualified Yoga Teacher
Evan Fischer Yoga Teacher at Yoga Fun Day will be teaching at this Miami Yoga Festival
Evan Fischer Yoga Teacher at Yoga Fun Day will be teaching at this Miami Yoga Festival

About Evan Fischer 

Well Qualified Yoga Instructor

Evan Z Fischer, Bachelor of Arts and Science, E-RYT-200 is a dedicated yoga practitioner and instructor. He completed his 200-hour yoga teacher training with Tantra Power Yoga, under the guidance of Jodie Lea, in 2019. Evan has been studying ashtanga vinyasa yoga at the Bandha Room in Olympia, WA for 3+ years, and continues to study with teachers and schools he encounters while traveling. Evan emphasizes alignment, meditative focus and self-exploration via the Ashtanga sequences. He teaches a very grounded practice which can be fully integrated into one’s being and life in a sustainable way. Evan feels that yoga is about using the body and breath as a tool to access and transform deeper layers of the self. This can only be done when one truly engages deeply and fully with each posture and movement. Evan is also a long-term meditator in the Vipassana technique. He has sat and served over 10 meditation retreats and annually sits at least one 10 day retreat. Although he does not focus on formal meditation instruction in his yoga classes, the deeper process of penetration into the nature of reality via self-observation encompasses everything he does in life, including the practice and teaching of yoga asana and breathing. For Evan, yoga is just another tool in this process. Yoga is about truly and honestly encountering oneself with the intention of self-understanding and self–understanding and self-evolution. Evan also offers private instruction as well as online instruction to students seeking more personalized and in-depth study and practice of yoga.