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Evangelist Yoga Fun Day

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We Are Searching For Evangelist Yoga Fun Day.

Yoga Fun Day Evangelist Best Yoga Festival South Florida


Do you love yoga?  Do you want to help us bring Yoga to All?

Are you a community mover and shaker?  Do you want to help build strong communities?

Do you want to come to Yoga Fun Day for FREE?

We are seeking community evangelist yoga fun day to help spread the word.

Please email us and tell us more about yourself or call 561.506.1108.

Yoga & Meditation

Whether your brand new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, we’ve got you covered. We have classes for all levels and different styles for you to discover.


Let your body soak in the sounds of music all around you. You’ll feel the rhythmic beat from DJ Bumi and Momentology spinning tunes to soul inspiring sounds. Kirtan, drums and acoustic live music sure to delight your senses.


Unplug & Unwind. Take a break from the green screen and discover the joy of yoga, movement and dance.