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Johnathan M.

Event Photographer
Johnathan_Sedona event photographer at yoga fun day
Johnathan_Sedona event photographer at yoga fun day


Johnathan has been shooting photography, first as a passion and hobby back in 1986 when someone gave him an incredible set of lenses and cameras. From there, he worked as an assistant for various other professional photographers throughout the 90’s, in the 2000’s he started to shoot amateur/hobby to semi-professional and finally became a professional in 2008 until present. He specializes in Portrait, Lifestyle, Editorial, Fashion as well as many other genres including yoga, spiritual and fitness. Along the way, he had a successful career in IT and Telecommunications, as well as being involved in alternative energy healing and even owning a very successful healing center in NJ for many years. He’s now a native to Florida, landing in Melbourne, and is looking forward to shooting with so many new friends and faces up and down the entire East Coast.