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Miami Yoga Festival – Yoga Fun Day


When do we get a vendor map?

Vendor Maps will be sent out before the show (about one week) with your zone at the festival and Vendor Welcome Packet.  Since our festivals are outside (We deal with Mother Nature i.e. it might rain and it is all muddy, or there are ants all over a certain area ) we might need to move folks around a bit to make things flow and operations work. Thus, we usually don’t identify “exactly” where you will be at the show in case we need to make last minute changes at the venue.  Thus, we put vendors in Zones based on the package they purchased.  VIP and Premiere Booth spaces are the exception and is one way to guarantee your prime spot at the festival. Once you arrive one of our team members will show you where to set up in your zone.

What time can we set up?  

Vendor Village and Artists Alley starts at 10 AM – 5 PM.    Setup will start at 7 AM on  Sunday, Dec 12, from 7:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. to finish set up.  All booths must be set up and ready to go by Sunday, Dec 12th at 9:00 A.M.  Vendor Village and Artists Alley opens at 10 AM on Sunday, Dec 12th. All classes start at 10 AM.  If you have special needs please contact Sam at sam@yogafunday.com and make arrangements.  There is free parking.

What are the arrival procedures?

All Vendors will be assigned an arrival time, unloading location, and tent location. Please DO NOT be late for your assigned arrival time. You will be emailed these details before the event along with our Operations Director’s cell phone.  About one week before the event.

Where do we unload?

A designated unloading location will be assigned and vendor MUST adhere to their unloading specific location.

How do I know where my booth will be located?

Depending upon your booth package purchased your booth location assignment will be assigned on a first come, first serve location in the zone that corresponds with your booth package.   Sponsors and VIP Premiere Booths receive top priority for prime locations.

What time do we have to be setup by?

All vendors must have their setup complete by 9:00 A.M. Vendor Village and classes start at 10:00 AM. 

How should I decorate my booth?

Vendor space and tent setup should be creative and aesthetically pleasing. We support individuality and want your light to shine. This will contribute to all attendees’ festival experience. 

Do I need to weight my tent down?

Yes, if you are setting up your own tent or renting one of our blue tents, it must be weighted down.  Previous vendors have brought five gallon pails with rocks, cement. Others have brought concrete slabs, others bring big rocks, SCUBA weights or sandbags.   You cannot stake anything into the ground otherwise will result in a fine.

What happens if I leave trash behind?

Do not leave anything behind. If you leave trash in your booth space you will be fined an additional $250. Take all garbage to dumpster on site or take it home with you.   Leave no trace.

What should I bring to setup my booth?

We recommend wearing comfortable shoes. Bring tape, clips, safety pins, duct tape, electric tape, rocks, weights, extra clips, a pair of scissors, chairs, tables, tablecloths, sunglasses, lots of water/juice and sunscreen.  Don’t forget your cash box, mailing list, pens, phone charger, paper etc…  Please remember that this is outside and it is windy. It is usually very windy. Please bring extra rocks and weighted items to help your booth items not fly away.

What comes with my booth?

Depending upon your package purchased the majority of our booths do NOT include tents, tables or chairs.  Many of our vendors have their own branded tents and want to bring them.  You must bring your tent, tables and chairs with you or pay in advance to have these set up at the day of the event. When you fill out your contract you can indicate if you want a tent, table chairs, electric and you will be charged accordingly. We need to know in advance and you must pay in full in advance that you need these items as we order them on site that day from a tent supply company.

What if I need electric?

If you need electric, please be sure to bring your own extension cord and duct tape/electricians tape to tape down that cords.  Your extension cord needs to measure at least 25 ft and our team will get you set up.  Please note, we can not guarantee electric at your preferred spot.  

Where do I park?

After you unload, you will need to park in a nearby parking lot. Parking is FREE at Gulfstream.

What are the hours of Vendor Village and Artists Alley?

Vendor Village and Artists Alley runs from 10 AM – 5 PM.  Vendors can NOT break down until 5 P.M. NO EXCEPTIONS. DO NOT LEAVE ANY GARBAGE OR TRASH BEHIND OR YOU WILL BE FINED!    Attendees will be arriving for their classes starting at 10 AM.

What are your policies for breaking down?

You can not break down until 5 PM. We are a green company, please take out what you take in and help keep the Village at Gulfstream clean.
Our small team of volunteers and Sam will be out there at the end of the event picking up. Please take your garbage to the dumpsters on site or take it home with you. Do not leave it where your booth was located. We are just as tired after you after this festival and we don’t want to be hauling away your boxes and garbage.

Please pick up all trash in your area. Do not leave any samples, products, boxes or any kind of trash behind. You will be FINED $250 by Yoga Fun Day (Your credit card on file will be charged $250) and the City of Hallandale may fine you additional fees if your area is not tidy and free of liter.  

Loading up  must be done quickly.  Be mindful of other vendors, children and festival goers.  Do not block the pathway with your car, drive slow as it is dark outside, look out for children and festival goers. Please use the same loading space as your assigned unloading procedures.

Do I need a vendor permit from the City of Hallandale?

No, we pay for your vendor permits for Delray so you don’t have to worry about registering with the city and getting a tax business license. NOTE, food trucks must follow Hallandale policies though and obtain a food truck vendor license and be inspected by health dept. We do not pay for food truck vendor fees with the city as it is a different process. 

What are the costs to be a vendor at Yoga Fun Day?

Vendor prices are listed online. We have early bird rates, regular rates and last minute get me in to the event rates.  Please sign up early for the best deal! We allow you to share with another vendor but it must be approved in advance by Sam.

Does your booth package come with a tent?


Tables, chairs, tents and electric are NOT included but can added to your contract for a fee and rented in advance of the festival.  

Please confirm before the show that you reserved a tent, table and chairs if needed as we want the event to run smoothly and you to have a great experience.   You must sign up and pay in advance for tent, tables and chairs.  Booth prices go up as we get closer to the event.  (We allow you to split a booth with a friend, must get approval first from Sam.)  Sign up early to guarantee your spot. Last year we sold out and turned away a lot of vendors.

How do I sign up my staff?

We provide up to 4 vendor marketplace badges/wristlets and they are available during load-in at The Yoga Fun Day Registration Info Booth.  You must sign up your staff in advance with their first name, last name and email address so they are in our system with Ramona from the Yoga Fun Day Team.  Please contact ramona@yogafunday.com 

How many tickets do I get to the event?

Depending upon your booth package that you choose it will determine the number of free digital tickets that you receive to the event. You must sign up your attendees one week in advance of the show for them to receive free entrance to all of the classes/workshops. No exceptions, if you do  not sign people up one week in advance you lose your FREE tickets.   We can not sign up people the day of the show or the day before.  Please sign up friends and family, VIP customers etc one week in advance. If you need assistance redeeming your tickets or entering in ticket codes please contact ramona@yogafunday.com 

How do we redeem our tickets?

Yoga Fun Day strives to be a green company and do our part to save the environment for future generations. Thus, our tickets are all digital and online. We do NOT have paper tickets.  Once you are signed up as a vendor we will send you an email on how to redeem your tickets for Yoga Fun Day. Each person attending we will need their first name, last name and email address in order to create them an online digital ticket and must be signed up one week in advance.  If you don’t sign people up in advance the tickets all expire and can not be used. Sorry no exceptions.  If you need assistance redeeming your tickets or entering in ticket codes please contact ramona@yogafunday.com 

How is the event promoted?

Including but not limited to the following: social marketing including (Facebook & Instagram), PR firm, and digital marketing campaigns per city.  We have over 16,000 followers online, national press, gorilla marketing, local magazines, radio and print marketing.

Can we give out food or drink samples of our products?

Yes, however you must go through the City of Hallandale (If your a food vendor you might need additional insurance and a special permit)  and follow the Health Department standards and guidelines before giving away food or drink samples.  Additional fees and or permits may be required.  No alcohol allowed to be served at this event.  

Vendors are expected to attend the entire duration of the event. If there are health reasons or an emergency preventing you from attending, please contact Ramona at ramona@yogafunday.com as soon as possible. A vendor that is a no show/no call is not acceptable, as an absence will disrupt the planned layout and appearance of the event.  Sorry no refunds.

We encourage you to have samples, participate in the social media drawings per hour and interact with our attendees. We strongly encourage you to donate something to the VIP goodie bag to represent your brand for these attendees. Please coordinate in advance.

Do we need to carry liability insurance?

Each person working the tent/booth for vendors is required to sign the Indemnification and Waiver of Liability Agreement that is found on our website before the event. You must sign them up in advance, they must be wearing a wristband to work at the event.

How do I know if I am signed up? Why am I not on your website?

All vendors must fill out all of the paperwork and submit payment in FULL to be included in Yoga Fun Day.  We cannot guarantee a space if you do not sign the contract and or fill out your credit card authorization form.  We must have final before the event. We will supply a vendor site location map as we get closer to the event. Location placement will be assigned by the Yoga Fun Day Sales Team and based on your package that you purchase.  First come, first serve basis for the event location vendor booth/tent zones.  

Is there WiFi?

Yes there is FREE WIFI. However, we always tell our vendors to plan for the worst.  Please plan accordingly. Plan for a backup in case your credit card machine doesn’t work or smart phone has no connection. Although, the cell phone towers are quite good. Most major carriers have good reception.

What if we need additional equipment?

If you require additional six foot tables, they are $50.00 each depending upon location. A 10X10 pergola tent with frames is an additional $200.00.  Please make prior arrangements with the Yoga Fun Day Sales Team and/or bring your own tables to the event.    

Can I ship my product or booth to The Village at Gulfstream?

No, sorry they can not accept or store your packages, booths or products.  Please make prior arrangements for load in and load out.

What if I have to cancel my booth? Do you offer refunds?

No Prices are non refundable. No exceptions. No refunds.  In the event of postponing the event there are no refunds. We will roll over your booth and honor your price for the next event.  Absolutely no refunds.  

What if I have to leave early?

Vendors are not allowed to break down before 5 PM or leave early even if you have sold out of your items. Please plan accordingly and have someone to cover your booth if you personally have to leave.