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Kate Hunt

Dub Flow Yoga Teacher

OM Festival - Kate Hunt - The OM Festival Vermont

OM Festival - Kate Hunt - The OM Festival Vermont

The OM Festival – Kate Hunt

OM Festival – Kate Hunt “The Great” is a soulrocker, yoga instructor based in the sunshine state of Florida. She stands tall as a beacon of light for her community, finding ways to serve and make a real impact on others’ lives. Kate is inspired by yoga as a healing modality after suffering from a traumatic neck injury while bike riding in South Florida. The pain endured through her healing process with limited mobility brought on states of depression when she couldn’t keep her active lifestyle. She then embarked on her first yoga/lifestyle retreat to Nicaragua just 3 months after the car accident, where she experienced the many benefits of practicing yoga daily with meditation to help heal her injury, gain strength back and learn how to better manage her own thoughts and emotions. After that trip in 2017, Kate knew she wanted to share the gift of yoga by becoming certified to teach. She met the perfect teacher in 2019 at the Yoga Fun Day festival in Cocoa Beach and is a shining graduate of the Safe Yoga School. She has been teaching consistently and presenting yoga as a path to positive self-transformation since 2020. Kate is a 200- RYT and has certifications in yin yoga, neuroplasticity and mindfulness with the art of teaching. She specializes in yin and hatha styles of yoga, infusing philosophy and mindfulness into her classes. Kate believes in the healing power of music and loves to create magical themed playlists with conscious music for her classes, which allows her students to connect with her on a more meaningful level. She always creates a calm environment in her yoga classes with candles and essential oils, making space where her students feel welcome, safe, and comfortable to enough to let go of the day and surrender to their practice. She will encourage you to slow down from the fast-paced lifestyle, shift your focus inward to connect with your true self on a deeper level on and off the mat. Kate also recently created a workplace wellness program for her colleagues in the technology industry where she leads weekly live yoga and meditation breakout sessions. Her program is designed to help maintain a healthy work environment, promote overall wellbeing by teaching various ways to manage stress, and in turn increase job productivity rates with spikes of creativity after her wellness sessions. Kate The Great is motivated to make a lasting impact on everyone she meets by adding value and enriching their lives through her teaching, all while shining her love light bright and spreading positivity wherever she goes.