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List of exhibitor Vendor FAQ’s

How many people do you expect to attend The OM Festival Vermont?

The annual OM Festival Vermont in 2023 will be our first 5 day transformational festival. We are targeting at least 300 attendees the first year. Stretch goal is 500 attendees. As the festival gets closer we will have more accurate forecasting based on ticket sales.

How do you promote The OM Festival?

We promote our events including but  not limited to the following:

  • Social Media Channels
  • Over 14,000 Followers on Instagram Yoga Fun Day Page
  • Local newspapers and magazines such as The Vermont News Guide, Wisdom, Manchester Journal etc…
  • National magazines
  • Media Partners (WEQX, Old Mill, etc..)
  • PR Firm
  • Podcasts
  • Digital marketing campaigns per city
Do I Get FREE tickets?

No, vendors  do not get free tickets to the events.  However, based on your vendor package you choose you might receive one full General Admission ticket to The OM Festival which is valued at $499.00.  

Why should we come to The OM Festival?

The OM Festival Vermont is a transformational festival experience like no other situated in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. We have curated a high end festival experience unlike no other in New England. We don’t let every vendor in that approaches us as sometimes the products and company just don’t fit our mission and vision for our attendees.  We want to create a legendary epic experience for our festival attendees.  We also don’t have five to six of the same kinds of vendors and try to be very transparent with you such as we don’t want five essential oil companies as that isn’t good for any of our vendors or attendees.  We encourage you to sign up early and if you have questions contact Sam the Co-Founder at 561.506.1108.  (Texting is fastest)

Do you offer payment plans?

No, we do not offer payment plans. Sorry we do not allow you to share a booth with other vendors. The event is Rain or Shine. All payments must be received in full. No refunds.

What is the due date for final payments?

No all payments must be received in full to sign up for the event and hold your spot.

How do I get wristbands for my staff?

We need to know in advance who will be working in your booth. When you fill out your vendor application to be a vendor we will ask you how many folks will be working at your booth. Please note, every attendee to the festival must have a ticket in order to attend festival activities. Thus, we highly encourage you to buy general admission tickets early as the prices go up as we get closer to the event. For the best deal buy your GA tickets early. In case you don’t sign up to be a vendor you will already have a ticket. We will also let you resell/transfer your ticket in the case of an emergency and or if you can not attend the festival. 

What comes with my booth?

It depends on what booth package you choose. The majority of our booth packages you are responsible for bringing your tables, tents and chairs.  We do NOT provide these items.

Is electricity included?

It depends on your booth location at The OM Festival.  Not all event locations and booths will have electric available.  Please let us know if advance what your electrical needs are and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Are pets allowed?

No, please leave your beloved furry friends at home. We love pets but ask you to kindly leave them at home.  The Om Festival in Vermont has pets on site and we know you will love playing with the Llamas and Golden Retrievers.

Do you have parking?

Yes. We have a parking at our festival for vendors and attendees. Please note that parking is an extra fee.

We will offer vendor specific load in and load out times.

We usually have overflow parking for over vehicles and depending upon event location there could be paid parking and or parking only area for vendors. More info coming soon.  Please know that we cannot always guarantee an on-site handicapped parking space for anyone. These spaces are first-come, first-serve.

What is your refund policy?

Sorry, there are absolutely no refunds. All events are rain or shine. In the event we have to postpone/cancel an event we will roll your vendor booth and package to the next year/event.

Are children allowed?

Yes of course, your children can help you run your booth! Under 12 are FREE, over 12 they will need a general admission ticket.   Our festivals are family-friendly. Please see specific events that are specifically for children. Please do not bring your children to adult only classes as they could be disruptive to other festival attendees. 

Can I buy tickets in advance?

Yes, and the best deals are our early bird booth prices.   The vendor booth prices go up as we get closer to the festival. We highly encourage you to reserve your booth early for the best deal.

Are you accepting Volunteers?

Yes, absolutely! Please visit our volunteer page to see our expectation for our festival volunteers as well as what perks we offer our volunteers!

How do I apply to be a vendor?

Please visit our vendor page.

Do you accept all vendors?

No, we do not accept all vendors as we are trying to curate an epic festival experience. For example, if you sell insurance we most likely will decline your booth application as it doesn’t go with our vibe that we are trying to create.  We are seeking high quality and unique vendors.  We prefer not to have direct sales or MLM companies at our festivals.

• Artists | Unique Crafters & Makers | Farmers Market Vendors
• Handcrafted Jewelry | Pottery | Sign Makers | Soap Makers | Honey/Maple Syrup
• Herbalists|Aromatherapists | Intuitive Mediums |
• Wellness Practitioners | Massage Therapists | Estheticians | Skincare Companies | Vegan & Organic Products
• Musicians | Breweries | Distilleries | Wineries |
• Handcrafted, Upcycled & New Clothing
•Vintage clothing | Antiques | Face Painting | Hair Braiding | Henna Tattoo Artists | Food Trucks | Plant Based Food Vendors

What are we looking for?

Holistic and Wellness Vendors | Herbalists | Mycologists | Aromatherapists | Kombucha Vendors | Psychics | Tarot & Palm Card Readers | Jewelry Makers | Local Artists | Massage Therapists | Yoga Teachers | Crafters | Musicians | Unique Gifts & Wares | Vintage Furniture | Antiques | Food Trucks | Vegan Foods | Candle Makers | Gems & Crystals | Farmers Market Vendors & More.

NOTE:  Commercial and Direct Sales Vendors will NOT be accepted.

When is the last day to sign up and register?

Vendor VillageLAST CHANCE TO APPLY AND REGISTER IS June, 30th, 2023. Vendor Village is the heart of our festival and is open and FREE to the general public. We have a lot of options for vendor village booths  that will be spaced out such as different zones.  Zone 1 booths (only 4 spots) will be closest to the main barn and The Mothership Tent and high traffic areas of the festival.  Zone 2 booths will be a little bit further out from zone 1 booths but still very high traffic. Zone 3 booths will be a little bit further out from Zone 1 and Zone 2. Festival Map coming soon.  Please note due to the outdoor nature zones might be changed last minute.  Early bird pricing is still in effect.  Please sign up early for the best rates.  General Admission tickets will need to be purchased separately for your booth staff team.  We recommend you buy your GA tickets ASAP as they prices are going up as we get closer.