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Our Local Studio program helps build excitement and buzz about Yoga Fun Day events and festivals across the country.  Being a part of our Local Studio program helps both your studio and the community get outside, have fun and discover the joy of yoga in a safe environment.   These evangelist opportunities help us start from the ground up and this grassroots effort helps spread the word in our local communities about  Yoga Fun Day and your studio. We want you to grow, we want you to prosper in your community and we hope to work with you.


Contact Sam at Yoga Fun Day to find out more about being a local studio partner or call 561.506.1108.

Participating Studio Yogafunday Partner Program Requirements:

  • Display flyers and our posters in your studio
  • Feature Yoga Fun Day on your studio’s website with a link to our site under events
  • Include the event in your mailing list and help create hype and buzz.
  • Include a blurb about Yoga Fun Day in studio newsletters before the event
  • Talk about Yoga Fun Day the studio after each class and encourge people to register and sign up early to build their schedule
  • Spread the word about our event via social media
  • Keep us in the loop by cc’ing us on your mailings and adding us to your mailing list

What Your Studio Gets For Participating:

  • 2 FREE tickets to Yoga Fun Day.  A $60 Value.
  • 10% off tickets with a discount code sent to you to give  to teachers, students, family, and friends to help drive ticket sales
  • Link on our website with your studio name and link to your site.
  • Social media shout-out  on our Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram social media platforms.

Cost to Be a Participating Studio Yogafunday:

$250 per year.