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Photograph Yoga Fun Day

Photograph Yoga Fun Day

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Want to lend a hand at Photograph Yoga Fun Day? Curious about what happens behind the scenes at Yoga Fun Day? Apply to be a Yoga Fun Day volunteer photographer! We are a volunteer driven event and without your help all of this wouldn’t be possible. Our volunteer teams get an inside look at the workings of our events and are an essential part of making it a life-changing experience for our attendees.

The perks of The Energy Exchange Program for Yoga Fun Day are:

– 10 FREE tickets that you can sell or give away at your own discretion.

– We link all of your images, bio, social media profile on our website and we keep it up after the event has ended.   As well as, to build a strong network that helps your website rank higher on the search engines because it is relevant to yoga, wellness, health and a organic link which drives traffic to your website and portfolio.

– Gallery of your images in the photo gallery after the event with credits to you.

– Letter of recommendation from our CEO and Founder that will be recognized on your resume and future employers.

– Opportunity to work at other Yoga Fun Day events throughout the nation.

To get started, please send an email or call us  at 561.506.1108