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Speaker: Michelle Morris

Time :  11:00 AM

Topic:  Remembering Your Own Power- Be Your Own Hero

About Michelle:  

Michelle’s journey started in 2011 when she left her corporate job after 10 years. She had a great job but was never truly happy or fulfilled and was always thinking there must be something more for her. Originally from Lakewood Colorado, Michelle’s background is in dance and gymnastics. She continued with adult classes and turned the wrong way in a flip and ended up with a herniated disc. Having this was devastating to her and she was unable to move and stretch the same for many years. She began a yoga practice at home and to her amazement the pain she had disappeared like a miracle. Michelle Morris Yoga Teacher then thought she would like to venture into being a yoga teacher herself. She loved how she felt each time she practiced, and with the practice contributing to the healing of her injury she wanted to share that with others. In 2013 she received her 200 hr RYT and started teaching at LA Fitness and a couple yoga studios in her area in Central Florida. She had found what she was passionate about and wanted to continue growing and learning. She then furthered her education and was certified in Yoga for Kids and Yoga for Golfers and then went on to receive her 500 RYT in 2016. Later she also received training in Empower Movement Advanced Teacher Training and Yoga Nidra. Michelle continued teaching classes, creating workshops and growing. Michelle additionally became certified as a Mind Mastery Health Coach. Michelle is now the owner of Bombay Room Yoga, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Michelle’s intent is to help people live their best lives, to help people find peace, healing, love and success for themselves. To inspire, bring forth positive light and energy to all, add value and make a difference in the lives of others.

Speaker: David Yglesias

Time :  12:00 PM

Topic:  The Path Of Light – Applying Yoga Principles to our Modern World

About David:  

David Yglesias Yoga Teacher is the founder of Energy Yoga & Wellness in Doral, Florida, in the Miami area. David has co-hosted a weekly radio show in Islamorada, the Florida Keys. He has written a weekly column in newspapers, such as the The Florida Keys Reporter. He is also a published author. David is a teacher of teachers, with over 7,000 hours of practical teaching experience. He maintains an E-RYT-500 certification with Yoga Alliance and has enjoyed helping guide hundreds of students to complete his yoga teacher training courses at his Registered Yoga School, Energy Yoga. While David enjoys teaching, he believes that he is always a student of yoga first and foremost. He continues his education in earnest, diving just a little bit deeper each time into the deep vast ocean of knowledge that is yoga. David is eternally grateful to his teachers, such as Sri Dharma Mitra, that have inspired and captivated him with their love of yoga and their unselfish ability to pass down their knowledge to others. “We are all just walking each other home.” —Ram Das David is humbled by the countless generations of teachers that came before us, helping yoga evolve into what it is today, making the world just a little bit brighter with its light.

Speaker: Dr. George Love

Time :  1:00 PM

Topic:  Taoist Tantra vs Tibetan Tantra

About Dr. Love:  

Dr. George Love Yoga Teacher, Jr., Doctor of Oriental Medicine and founder of 5 LOVE TRANSFORMATIONS, is a Florida licensed primary care physician and Board certified Acupuncture physician since 1986. He has engaged in the private practice of Herbology, Acupuncture and Nutrition since January 1981. Dr. Love received a Bachelor of Arts 1966 and Masters In Biology degree from Temple University 1976. In 1982 he received a Ph.D. in Sports Medicine from the American College Sports Medicine. After George Xavier Love started his private practice he met Prof. John B.Y. Lee aka Li Bing Yuan, a Taoist scholar and Qigong master. He was accepted as a student and within three years he received his Oriental Medical Doctor degree in 1984 from the Beijing Longevity & Rejuvenation Institute in Virginia. He began teaching Qigong classes for Master Lee in 1985. In 1994 Master Lee conferred upon him the lineage of his family Qigong. He was given the name Zhenwu and made the 13th lineage holder of Qing Long Qigong.

Speaker: Jolie Wilson

Time :  1:30 PM

Topic:  Transform your entire life through one simple practice

About Jolie:  

Transformation Facilitator
Shamanic Practitioner

Having studied and practiced yoga, meditation, and intuitive arts for over 21 years, Jolie believes these practices are the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and others. As a certified yoga teacher of 7 different yogic practices, owner of Full Circle Yoga School, owner of Luxe Life Retreats, transformation facilitator, a certified paddle board yoga instructor, Reiki Level II practitioner, and teacher of kids yoga and meditation classes, she is ever delving deeper into these passions. As a mother of four and woman who found herself embarking on a journey a bit different than expected, Jolie took a deeper turn toward these practices in 2009 when she needed healing from depression, trauma, anxiety, panic attacks and at the time what  felt like a broken life. Through consciousness raising, present moment awareness, treating our body as a temple, and living life as a moving meditation Jolie teaches that when we start living from our divine essence, we remember who we are and in this creation of space within ourselves we reclaim our power and infinite ability to manifest our dreams. Jolie has experienced and been witness to many “miracles” that the rational mind can not explain. She does not believe in limits, boundaries, or the finite and through that awareness she lives a magical life beyond what most people consider ordinary reality. In addition to nurturing our soul and spirit, our physical body is the temple. Keeping it strong and healthy is vital to an enlightened life.  As a channel and intuit Jolie utilizes her clairvoyant abilities in a symbiotic way to offer sessions that work to integrate past traumas and emotional disturbances. Being of service to others and aiding them in healing their lives, improving their health, and living authentically is Jolie’s life’s purpose. May all of your days be filled with infinite love, grace, beauty, and bliss! May you know you are powerful beyond measure. May you be free. Namaste.

Speaker: Will Thomas

Time :  2:00 PM

Topic:  Starting a Stretching Practice

About Will:  

Main focus is helping clients release low-back and shoulder pain through strengthening and stretching 1st yoga class in 2000 during MBA school – loved the feeling even without experience or flexibility Certified Teacher 2007, Studio Owner 2009 Taught over 37,000 individuals in 2,200 classes Stretching Leader for Wounded Warriors, First Responders and American Airlines.

Speaker: Andrew Christian Weingart

Time :  3:00 PM

Topic:  The Importance of Youth Mentership

About Andrew:  

My vision is a world where everyone gets to experience childlike wonder! I am so thankful for Live Ultimate because it is a vehicle for me to create just that. I have created financial freedom for myself while consuming and applying the highest quality products on the market. Now, it is my mission to share this with the World. Up until the age of 32 I struggled to find a solid ground in creating financial abundance with doing something that I am passionate about and that I can truly stand behind and say that I am in complete alignment with what this company is creating. Until I found Live Ultimate. The renewed energy and youth that I have experienced from taking the Ultimate Shrooms and the Ultimate Elixir is profound. I am now able to focus and move through my day without fatigue and distraction. My skin looks younger than ever with the use of the face care products and overall my body, mind, and soul are radiating from inside out. I am so grateful and thankful for the founder Marc Wachter for having such a profound vision and dedication to create best-in-class products, with uncompromising standards and the promise to continually evolve. Live Ultimate is truly a company that I am so proud to be apart of and I invite ALL of you to join this journey with me. If you want to be apart of a team and community of like-minded, conscious, healthy individuals who will NOT settle for anything less than what we deserve as human beings then look no further! You have found your home here at Live Ultimate and I welcome you with open arms. ———- “Witnessing people dive deeper into their truth is truly inspiring. I know mindfulness curation and application to be hyper-effective in this area based on my own personal transformation. In May of 2015, I received my first yoga teacher certification and my second one just recently in August of 2019. In March of 2017, I invested four months at a Buddhist Monastery to practice the ancient teachings of Buddhism, delving into various meditations 6 to 8 hours a day in Nepal. The culmination of these, and other various experiences have resulted in a new clarity of purpose; unifying the individual, the group, and the universal consciousness.” – Andrew Weingart

Speaker: Al Jameson

Time :  4:00 PM

Topic:  Magic of Mindful Events

About Al:  

AL Jameson Yoga Teacher is a sports chiropractor and avid yogi. He began his obsession with human movement back in high school and college as a martial artist who practiced and taught Taekwon-Do. Dr. Jameson attended Texas Chiropractic College and graduated magna cum laude. His practice specializes in sports therapy, movement-related injuries, nutrition, and holistic health. He also has a passion for teaching, which led him to share his fascination with the human body at Houston Community College in his anatomy and physiology classes.

About 6 years ago, he rediscovered yoga as a regular practice, with experience in vinyasa, ashtanga, and hatha yoga.

Last year, Al decided to combine all of his passions and bring his educational expertise to the yoga realm in the form of anatomy and physiology trainings, workshops, certifications, and seminars. He started Functional Anatomy Guru (www.FunctionalAnatomyGuru.com) as a home and community for these passions. Dr. Jameson now teaches the anatomy portion of yoga teacher trainings in Houston, Texas and is in the process of writing a yoga teacher training textbook in response to a lot of the challenges he has heard from students about their current resource materials.

When not obsessing over human movement, you will find Al at a weekly karaoke night, an outdoor event, camping, or in his kitchen trying out new recipes. His favorite place on Earth is Yosemite National Park.

Delve deep into one of the most foundational poses in all of yoga – the downward dog. Explore all the nuances of this pose from a biomechanical perspective. Learn how to do a thorough self-check, navigate variations, and transitions to other poses. Understand the anatomy of the pose with particular attention to the
shoulder and hip. Build on the foundation of your practice as a student and add to your cueing and assist repertoire as an instructor.