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Promoting the 100/200hr Online Training
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Online Yoga Classes
100/200 Hour Online Yoga Practitioner/Teacher Training
3/6 weeks (flexible) starting May 15Get your Yoga Alliance RYT200 certificate ONLINE with Yoga Download teacher and yoga therapist Shy Sayer Yoga Teacher! For a limited time, Yoga Alliance has confirmed that it will register graduates of Shy’s Tantravaya Yoga training online – they most economical, convenient and covid-proof way to get your 200hr certification this year!
Full 200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification Course: $1500USD, financial aid available
Don’t want to teach but still want a higher education in yoga and mindbody arts? Join the training for the first 100 hours and learn everything taught in Shy’s teacher training not related to teacher. All live sessions will be recorded and you can take your time to complete either training, with continued support from Shy and his team.
100hr Yoga Immersion: $900USD, financial aid available
Tantravaya Yoga director Shy Sayar is a yoga therapist and a registered yoga teacher and continuing education provider at the highest level offered by Yoga Alliance. Well into his third decade with yoga, Shy has tens of thousands of hours of experience bringing yoga to students of all levels, treating patients, and training yoga teachers and therapists around the globe. Shy has offered coursework on education and pedagogy, as well as yoga philosophy and classical Indian literature at the University of California, Berkeley. In his yoga teaching, Shy integrates his experience in higher education with skillful attention to different learning styles, making even the most complex teachings approachable to every student. His unique Tantravaya Yoga Therapy method has shown remarkable results in posture correction, pain relief and improved balance, as well as healing emotional trauma and addressing the roots of psychological symptoms, such as anxiety and depression.

The Tantravaya Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive, internationally-respected program designed to deepen your understanding of yoga and Ayurvedic principles. The Tantravaya training method is unique in that it’s not limited to any “style” or blend of styles. Instead, it emphasizes universal principles of alignment within the context of Ayurvedic and yogic practices.

Tantravaya Yoga trains exceptional teachers by presenting everything you will ever need to know in order to practice and teach any kind of yoga to anyone – safely and effectively within a system of eight principle actions. These eight principles are necessary and sufficient in every active gesture for yoga and beyond. Furthermore, the eight principles are organized into four pairs of oppositional actions that allow for ultimate individualization – customizing each gesture to each practitioner by balancing the intensity of antagonistic engagements for the specific needs of the individual body in each pose. As a recent graduate has put it: “With the eight principles, I couldn’t help but teach excellently, right from the first class, even though I was nervous.”

With exceptional attention devoted to practical training and ample teaching experience time, Tantravaya Yoga Teacher Trainings have a proven track record of producing effective, confident yoga teachers who are ready to teach upon graduation and stand out in the world of yoga. Our program is registered with Yoga Alliance and provides the most widely-recognized yoga teacher certification credentials in the world. Our primary goal is to cultivate a solid, safe, and effective practice as the foundation of skillful teaching.