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Anthony Profeta

Meditation Teacher & Sound Bowl Specialist

The OM Festival - Anthony Profeta Yoga Teacher

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The OM Festival – Anthony Profeta

The OM Festival – Anthony Profeta Yoga Teacher is a former medical student turned internationally-renown meditation teacher, mindfulness expert, & singing bowl specialist. His knowledge stems from over two decades of intensive study & practice and his passion for meditation has led him around the world studying various techniques in monasteries, meditation centers of the US, Nepal, Italy & India.

Anthony considers himself very blessed to have studied under the direct mentorship of such masters as Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, & the Dalai Lama.

Anthony is a regular presenter at the Edgar Cayce ARE, he’s been published & featured in numerous magazines, presented for Sharp Electronics & Pandora Music, and guided tens of thousands of people in meditation & contemplative practices.