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Evelyn Sutton Yoga Teacher

Vinyasa Flow & Dance
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Evelyn yoga fun day yoga festival south Florida yoga teacher


Vinyasa Flow & Dance

Evelyn Sutton Yoga Teacher Owner Kala Art & Yoga Studio, in Melbourne, FL. RYT200 Yoga. Union. The union of everything. Fifteen years ago I came across this incredible practice. A practice, I wasn’t aware back then, that would change and influence the course of my life, dramatically, in many ways. A path unfolded from the very beginning aligning my body, mind, soul and intention all the way to the here and now to owning a studio. Kala Art & Yoga. A dream I didn’t know I had back then, that developed over the years and now materialized. A studio of learning, of practice, of sharing and deepening the rituals of the artist and the yogi. A place of courage and healing, inspiration and spiritual awakening. I blossom under this practice. I invite you to experience the same. Life is short or long depending on the quality of your breath. During my classes at Kala, we breathe deep, every step of the journey, every small or big movement in and out of the asanas – yoga poses – fully engaged, aware and present, completely alive in the moment, we experience transformation. I love anatomy and anatomy based alignment, and I encourage my students to meet themselves on the mat, to find their pose within the pose based on the body they are in, the classes are in a group setting yet the practice is unique to the individual. Pranayama, meditation and mantra enrich the classes. My style is to allow for the teaching to come through, as needed, in that moment, for the exact group of students present in class. We don’t restrict our growth to self-imposed boundaries. It’s yoga. It’s all yoga. The exact yoga class you need at the very moment you step into class. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Everything is part of the practice. Come experience life, prana, your true self in the utmost complete sense of the word. Practice the poses, discuss yoga philosophy, learn some sanskrit, grab a paintbrush and create something amazing. We will mantra flow, sweat, restore, reset together.