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AL JAMESON Yoga Teacher

Functional Anatomy Guru
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AL JAMESON Yoga Teacher yoga fun day yoga festival south Florida



Al Jameson yoga teacher is a sports chiropractor and avid yogi. He began his obsession with human movement back in high school and college as a martial artist who practiced and taught Taekwon-Do. Dr. Jameson attended Texas Chiropractic College and graduated magna cum laude. His practice specializes in sports therapy, movement-related injuries, nutrition, and holistic health. He also has a passion for teaching, which led him to share his fascination with the human body at Houston Community College in his anatomy and physiology classes.

About 6 years ago, he rediscovered yoga as a regular practice, with experience in vinyasa, ashtanga, and hatha yoga.

Last year, Al decided to combine all of his passions and bring his educational expertise to the yoga realm in the form of anatomy and physiology trainings, workshops, certifications, and seminars. He started Functional Anatomy Guru (www.FunctionalAnatomyGuru.com) as a home and community for these passions. Dr. Jameson now teaches the anatomy portion of yoga teacher trainings in Houston, Texas and is in the process of writing a yoga teacher training textbook in response to a lot of the challenges he has heard from students about their current resource materials.

When not obsessing over human movement, you will find Al at a weekly karaoke night, an outdoor event, camping, or in his kitchen trying out new recipes. His favorite place on Earth is Yosemite National Park.

Delve deep into one of the most foundational poses in all of yoga – the downward dog. Explore all the nuances of this pose from a biomechanical perspective. Learn how to do a thorough self-check, navigate variations, and transitions to other poses. Understand the anatomy of the pose with particular attention to the
shoulder and hip. Build on the foundation of your practice as a student and add to your cueing and assist repertoire as an instructor.


Functional Anatomy Guru