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Dimple Bindra Yoga Teacher

Power Yoga Flow To Awaken Your Creative Potential
dimple yoga fun day yoga festival south Florida yoga teacher
dimple yoga fun day yoga festival south Florida yoga teacher



Dimple Bindra Yoga Teacher, born and raised in the U.A.E,
was exposed to yoga at a very young age. As someone who started practicing
at the age of 18, her interest soon took her to the birthplace of yoga.
There, under the towering shadows of the Himalayas, she immersed herself
into the life of a yogi as it was 2000 years ago. Here, maintaining weeks
of noble silence, eating raw fruits and vegetables, living without
electricity far from modern amenities, Dimple began on her path of true
self-discovery. Her experiences here moved her so much that, what started
out as an interest, turned into a life desire to share the remarkable
world of yoga with others.
Dimple soon became a nationally certified instructor; training at the
World Renown Yoga Alliance International School located in Delhi (India)
and successfully completed her Teacher Trainer certification process.
There she received her in-depth training under Master Swami Vidyanand, a
prominent individual in the world of Yoga and Meditation. Through his
thirty years of experience he was able to build Dimple Bindra into a
unique personality who got trained extensively in teaching Therapeutic
Yoga, Restorative, Hatha, Power and Vinyasa Yoga. Now she is also an
Intuition Medicine Practitioner/Medical Intuitive.
In addition to learning Yoga, Dimple has learnt the technique of Vipassana
Meditation from the experienced guru S. N. Goenka’s followers. This
meditation technique is designed to help one see the true nature of
things, beyond observed reality – see things as they truly are. She is
also a Certified Acupressure Therapist and learnt the technique of Past
Life Regression and Hypnosis. She is in process of continuing her practice
in Tantra, which helps the individual to learn the connection with their
Divine guides and access powerful inner/higher healing energies, attaining
the capacity to understand themselves and find that secret goddess energy
Dimple deeply believes that Yoga is the only healing power gifted to us to
prevent any health conditions, to relieve stress and improves one’s
lifestyle into a happy and blissful one. She aids her students by applying
only holistic methods, first by analyzing their medical condition and then
working with the students utilizing Asanas (postures), breathing
techniques, meditation and mantra chanting. All these methods help in
generating pure energy, awakening inner guidance, discovering balance and
harmony within self and with Interpersonal relationships.
She has been working as a Yoga & Meditation Therapist at Thrive Milpitas
where she was chosen as the best Yoga Instructor award in the City of
Milpitas, three years (2012-14) in a row by the Milpitas Post. In the
past, she has also taught at – India Community Center, Bally’s Total
Fitness, Core Fitness (Los Gatos), Vivre Fitness (Palo Alto). Recently she
has been teaching at corporations such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Cisco,
LinkedIn, VMware, KLA-Tencor, Qualcomm, San Disk and TiVo.
Description : Artistic expression can be deeply fulfilling,
but accessing creativity isn’t always easy. Creativity arises naturally in
states of stillness and presence, which can be elusive when we are
distracted by daily preoccupations and scattered thoughts. This is why
yoga is such a gift for the artist. When we practice awareness in asana,
pranayama, and meditation, we learn to see and let go of the distractions
of the mind. It is from this place of clear seeing that inspiration
springs forth. This power yoga class is a fluid, powerful, style of yoga
that links movement and breath together and is based on intuition rather
than tradition. This class will heal, detoxify and exhilarate the body and
mind with emphasis on movement, balance, and intention.


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