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Jolly Yogi Yoga Teacher

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jolly yogi yoga fun day yoga festival south Florida yoga teacher
jolly yogi yoga fun day yoga festival south Florida yoga teacher



Jolly Yogi Yoga Teacher, MS is a Yoga and Meditation practitioner who has guided over 5,000 classes in the last 10 years. As a Health and Wellness Coach, she loves helping clients lead healthier, happier lives through a deeper mind-body connection, and by developing positive life habits.
Born in Eastern India with spiritual and Ayurvedic values, Jolly came to the US as a teenager. Coming into motherhood deepened her passion for yoga and she chose to become a teacher so she could share the benefits of yoga with others.

Jolly received her teacher training from Yoga Bharati, a chapter of Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation, India. Wanting to expand her skills and the communities she could teach to, she completed additional training at the Niroga Institute, focused on serving at-risk youth, and at Breath, Los Gatos, focused on yoga for cancer patients. She is also a certified Laughter Yoga Leader.

Jolly has taken yoga and meditation workshops/training from Indian Gurus such as Swami Bodhananda (yoga, mantra and pranyama), Swami Nithyananda (yoga, mantra and pranyama), and Swami Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (yoga, mantra and pranyama). She has also studied Vipassana Meditation (Body Sensation), Zen meditation (mindfulness and breath), Insight meditation (breath awareness), and Brhma Kumari Meditation (soul consciousness).

Loss of her job, loss of her dad and loss of a significant relationship inspired Jolly to go deeply into yoga and meditation in order to develop balance and self-inquiry. She is inspired by great saints, and great spiritual and political personalities.

Jolly teaches Hatha gentle flow, Hatha power flow, Vinyasa gentle flow, Vinyasa Power Flow, Hatha sculpt flow, Hatha Bliss Flow, chair yoga, meditative/restorative yoga, Yin yoga, and hiking yoga. She teaches yoga in corporations, accepts personal/private yoga clients, and also teaches yoga to kids and families. Her style is focused on mindful breathing and emphasizes awareness of body and proper alignment. She believes yoga and meditation are a spiritual path for one to dive inward and connect with one’s higher self.

With a BS in Biochemistry/Microbiology and a Masters in Computer Science, Jolly volunteers as a math and science teacher in her spare time. Her past career was a research scientist focusing on discovery of new drug for metabolic diseases and cancer. Jolly teaches locally in the bay area and is very active in her community as a volunteer. She uplifts under-served communities through her yoga teaching and has studied the spirituality of yoga deeply.

When she is not on the mat, she spends her time with her beautiful daughter and extended families. She loves outdoor and spends lot of her time in the nature. You will find her in local farmer’s market shopping fresh produce on Sunday or running/hiking in various Bay area Trails and Mountain.


Hatha Gentle Flow