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Athena Allen Yoga Teacher

Restore your Mind, Body and Spirit 
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Restore your Mind, Body and Spirit 

Evert time I looked in the mirror I saw sad eyes… Hello my name is Athena Allen Yoga Teacher and each morning I would get up, walk to the bathroom and start to put my make-up on without really looking at me. Then one day I really looked into my eyes and cried. With tears running down my face, I took a deep breathe and decided to smile. ‘There now Athena that wasn’t so bad’, I told myself, ‘let’s do it again tomorrow’.

I listen to a lot of positive tapes later CD’s, DVD’s and eventually watching internet Guru’s on how to live a fulfilled life, each time I did something they said would take hold. When we moved here in 2013, I found myself being drawn to the beach every morning and watching the sunrise doing the yoga move’s I learned on YouTube, and feeling like I really would like to share this with others. After about a year I talked to coworkers about joining me on the beach and started beach yoga in the summer of 2014.

My coworker friend Kimy lived on Indialantic beach, so we started walking out onto the dunes with our blankets and water in hand and doing our stretching at sunrise. After about a week Kimy invited friends and neighbors. That summer we were 6-8 strong doing yoga Monday, Wednesday’s and Friday’s at sunrise on the beach, WOW! what a great way to start the day. After the warm months turned to cooler months our small group died off and I went back to Canova beach about the same time my Mom moved here. She was the one to encourage me to receive my yoga teachers training and by May 2016 I was certified. Live Sunrise Beach Yoga was born June 2016 on the beach every week of the year. Now LSBYoga is close to being the beach yoga class to go to every Saturday morning. I still look at myself in the mirror each day and yes sometimes I still get tiered up but its a heart grabbing self LOVE feeling that tells me how far I’ve come as a person and a business woman. Do I feel happiness in my body, mind and spirit? You darn right I do:) Athena Allen