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Dana Yoga Teacher

Kirtan & Laughter Yoga Teacher
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Kirtan & Laughter Yoga Teacher

To Bring Devotion is an Orlando based Kirtan band. Kirtan is an age-old practice of Bhakti Yoga, the yogic path of unconditional love. In this call & response form of musical chanting, our minds soften & focus, while our hearts open to the Divine light that resides within us all. The Names & mantras chanted carry great transformative, vibrational power. As Krishna Das says: “With chanting, the music is the syrup and the Divine Names are the medicine.” Dana Yoga Teacher is the leader & co-founder of the band. Her rich, soulful voice will guide you deep into the practice. TBD’s dharma is to bring people together in love & joy. They beautifully blend Western rock & pop music with ancient, Eastern mantras. One of Dana’s favorite past-times is to “mash-up” positive rock/pop songs into her original music. TBD has been delighted to play at the Lovelight Music & Arts Festival for the last 3 years in Maryland. Most recently they played at the beautiful & intimate Goddess Rising: A Shakti Kirtan Celebration in Orlando, which Dana also produced. You may have also seen them at the Zen Awakening Festival and at the Faerie & Earth Festival, both in Florida, as well as at yoga studios throughout the Sunshine State.

Dana’s passion is to bring people together in love & joy. She practices & teaches
several forms of yoga to create unity. As an E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance,
Dana has been teaching Hatha, Yin & Laughter Yoga in Central Florida for over
10 years.
As a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Dana has been teaching a weekly
Laughter class with seniors since 2010 at the Maitland Jewish Community Center
and a monthly Laughter class at Maitland Harmony Yoga Studio for almost as
long. She loves sharing the joys and health benefits of Laughter Yoga with all.
She particularly likes the way all barriers of separation melt away as we connect
to one another at a heart level, perceiving our true oneness. Laughter Yoga is
accessible to Every Body & is a deep & fun healing practice that releases stress,
boosts the immune system & fosters positive, loving, compassionate & accepting
attitudes NMW (No Matter What)!
An accomplished vocalist, Dana is the leader of the Kirtan band, To Bring
Devotion. Kirtan is call & response chanting. This practice of Bhakti Yoga (the
yoga of devotion) steadies the mind & opens the heart to infinite love.