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Suzanne Yoga Teacher

Holistic Stress Relief Mentor
Suzanne yoga fun day yoga festival south Florida yoga teacher | The OM Festival - Suzanne Gundersen
Suzanne yoga fun day yoga festival south Florida yoga teacher


Holistic Stress Relief Mentor

In the Healing Arts, Suzanne Yoga Teacheris a Holistic Stress Relief Mentor who helps women relieve anxiety on demand and resolve chronic stress & trauma and build reliable self-confidence.

Using her own proven 3 step ACE Method she helps you unlock and resolve patterns, habits and beliefs that have you stressed and struggling or stuck.  Imagine having tools to manage stress for the rest of your life.  ACE (Awareness, Connection, Expansion) uses her own style of Energy Tapping.  Gain awareness and clear stress triggers, build self-honoring connection and expand with clarity and confidence.

Suzanne’s early developmental trauma led her to seek holistic approaches that helped her shed the layers of dysfunction, uncover her value and live with self-honor, compassion and grace.  She dropped hundreds of pounds and anxiety meds and has kept it off for over 10 years.  You’ve got to go in, to get out and you too can transform!  Her Transformation Mentoring and “30 Days to Relieve Anxiety & Quit Overthinking” programs have helped hundreds of women #getshifting to more calm, clarity and choice.  Suzanne takes online private clients from around the world, she speaks nationally “Get Empowered with Energy Tapping”, teaches workshops and hosts monthly women’s transformation retreats.   Women are invited to join her free private Facebook group “Empowered Tapping rEvolution”, to build build inner wisdom and resiliency for life’s stresses. Her website is www.TransformedConnections.com and same for FB and Instagram. To book a free personalized mini Tapping experience with Suzanne, click  https://goo.gl/gAfJRwith