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Janie Larmour

Featured Teacher

Janie Larmour Yoga Teacher

The OM Festival – Janie Larmour

Featured Yoga Teacher
About Janie Larmour

Featured in Yoga Journal and a world renowned yoga teacher. We are delighted to have Janie Larmour as a featured teacher at The OM Festival. Janie Larmour is the owner and founder of Zen Ki Yoga® which is a popular new yoga style in Australia, USA and the UK. Janie has been teaching yoga since 1999, personal training since 1994 and even before that, she began building her knowledge of the body with competitive trampolining and springboard diving from the age of 12 where she spent time at diving camps at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Janie has been particularly successful with clients with severe back pain, crippling period pain and endometriosis who have become pain free through Janie’s guidance without requiring surgery or medication. She now specializes in Zen Ki Yoga® running teacher trainings world-wide with face-to-face trainings and via her popular online yoga studio. Her courses are thorough and her knowledge of the body and how to use it for optimal health have made her a popular teacher, trainer and presenter.