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Sudhir Shah

The OM Festival - Sudhir Shah

The OM Festival – Sudhir Shah

The OM Festival – Sudhir Shah a scientist, artist, educator and social entrepreneur.
Trained in molecular biology at Yale university and in Ayurveda from his mother, Sudhir has combined both modalities in developing a unique skin care brand OM Botanical.
He is also a founding member of Yale Global Leadership Initiative and South Asian Studies Council. Additionally, he holds a master’s degree in public and private management from Yale School of Management.
Sudhir has been a student of various philosophical and spiritual traditions for over 30 years and has been involved in educating youth in Jain philosophy and spirituality. Active in interfaith communities, he has also conducted many talks and workshops at the parliament of the World’s Religions in Barcelona, Melbourne, Toronto and Salt Lake City as well us at the Ahimsa conference at the Cal Poly Pomona and The International Conference on Science and Spirituality at IIT Mumbai.
A vegan for over 25 years who loves cooking for others, Sudhir spends his free time painting, gardening (he’s particularly fond of his ghost peppers), hiking, and rock climbing. In 2021, he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with his two sons. His actionable talks and workshops are popular at yoga, vegan, and holistic festivals.