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Author: Ramona Silva

Sprouts – Silver Sponsor at Yoga Fun Day

    Sprouts, Where Goodness Grows ® Delight in the goodness of fresh, healthy foods and good-for-you supplements. Yoga Fun Day is delighted to announce a huge partnership with Sprouts Farmers Market. We are thrilled to work together and bring organic foods, plant based foods and true farm-to-table philosophy to South Florida.  Sprouts will be on site at Yoga Fun Day near Center Stage and...

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By Diane Feen In life we contract and expand. Our lives go forward and then retreat. We feel happiness and elation but are not immune to sadness and satiation. It would be profound if it wasn’t so common. When we are on autopilot, we think we are different from one another, yet our problems and concerns are more alike than unique. But...