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By Diane Feen

In life we contract and expand. Our lives go forward and then retreat. We feel happiness and elation but are not immune to sadness and satiation.

It would be profound if it wasn’t so common. When we are on autopilot, we think we are different from one another, yet our problems and concerns are more alike than unique. But this expansion and contraction of mortal existence is just something to contend with – something to honor – and often something that teaches us a lesson that perhaps no class or teacher can.

That might be the reason that Yoga has come to the forefront of our physical and spiritual plane. Like a weed that has grown in all directions, Yoga has proliferated from a tiny speck on the postural planet to encompass huge swaths of indoor and outdoor terrain.

There is a Yoga discipline for each person and each ailment or elation. There is Anusara Yoga (, which is very therapeutic and spiritual in nature),  Ashtanga Yoga, a rigorous style of specific postures, Vinyasa Yoga, that focuses on movement and breath, Bikram Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Restorative Yoga, even Goat Yoga.

Just like the diversity of the shoes in your closet, Yoga has a balance and bent that appeals to different people. That is not to say that you might traverse this Yoga terrain from time to time, but most people are adamant that their choice of Yoga styles is the best for them. And who’s to argue?

Not only are women and children of all ages entangled in the Yoga phenomenon, but men are beginning to take their spot in the hierarchy of yoga classes as well. Though, I have a theory that a few men who flock to yoga classes do so because one of the side effects is watching the female form in all its glory. But the outcome is the same – a sense of harmony and peace – combined with the good feeling you get when you stretch and move the body intentionally.

Let’s face it – everyone is doing Yoga because it feels good. It also does great things for your body and helps synthesize the inner demons with the outer glory of man’s (or woman’s) highest aspirations.

There are miraculous success stories of how Yoga has changed people’s lives. There are also incredible tales of overcoming physical and mental limitations and lamentations by way of a consistent yoga practice.

We welcome you to join us for Yoga Fun Day and explore the possibilities that Yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, health, healers and spirituality have to offer. There are few magic bullets in this world, but Yoga does come close.

We hope to surround this elusive Yoga landscape for you and cull it together, so it makes as much sense as the air you breathe. We look forward to meeting you in this ethereal space so that we can openly explore this journey toward a lighter head and heart. Making sense of the world around us is secondary to the world that surrounds our bodies and minds from moment to moment.

For that we need time and dedication. And perhaps a few moments to stand (or sit) still and take in the clear air that surrounds us each day as we go about our lives.

See you soon.


Ramona Silva

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